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Roberto, Joel, Cortés and Ruben first met working together in a tapas restaurant in London. They were doing what they knew best; cooking and offering the best customer service with a very friendly approach. To see the 4 of them in the same restaurant is just pure Rock & Roll!

In January 2015 after over 7 years working together, they decided it was time for them to open their own restaurant. Together with Ellen, an experienced Singaporean restaurateur who has an eye for locations, the act is complete. Lobos Meat & Tapas is born from the love of excellent meat cuts, good wine, hospitality, Spain and London.
It’s a fusion that makes these “lobos” howl. These “Lobos” are not scared of showing their guts to visitors - quite the opposite – they are very proud of it.
The open kitchen and bar reflect this.
No tricks, no games. The original flavour is here to stay.



  1. Chuleton

    £ 30.00

    Sirloin on the bone. To share

  2. Roasted Leg of Lamb

    £ 28.50

    Slow roasted Castilian milk fed lamb

  3. Iberico Pork Selection

    £ 27.50

    Pork Fillet, Secreto and Presa. To share

  4. Ribeye and foie gras

    £ 15.95

    Beef rib eye steak with pan-fried foie gras

  5. Herb Crusted Lamb

    £ 9.95

    Lamb rack with parsley, mint, thyme and rosemary crust

  6. Pork Cheeks

    £ 8.95

    Braised pork cheeks with mash and horseradish

  7. Presa Iberica, Red Peppers

    £ 12.00

    Pan fried shoulder of Iberico pork

  8. Secreto Iberico, Mojo Chips

    £ 9.50

    The ‘hidden’ cut of the Iberico pork, naturally fatty and full of flavor

  9. Iberico fillet and Trintxat

    £ 9.75

    Marinated pork fillet with trintxat potatoes

  10. Lobo Bun

    £ 7.50

    Marinated pork patty with onion, peppers, candy bacon topped with a fried egg


  1. Manchego and Quince

    £ 7.50

    Matured sheep’s cheese with quince paste

  2. Croquetas

    £ 7.00

    Ham, chorizo and smoked bacon

  3. Pan Fried Monkfish

    £ 9.50

    With romesco sauce and crispy leeks

  4. Garlic Prawns

    £ 10.50

    Olive oil, chilli, parsley

  5. Chorizo & Morcilla

    £ 6.95

    Pan fried with piquillo pepper and quail eggs

  6. Arroz con Costra

    £ 9.75

    Chicken, chorizo and saffron rice with an egg crust and morcilla

  7. Mixed Mushrooms

    £ 8.50

    Truffle oil, broccoli stems and fried egg

  8. Tortilla

    £ 6.00

    Potatoes, onion and green peppers

  9. Patatas Bravas

    £ 4.50

    Fried potatoes with spicy brava sauce

  10. Baked Tetilla Cheese

    £ 9.00

    With roasted vegetables and brandy

  11. Green Salad

    £ 6.25

    Asparagus, courgette, frisse, green beans, baby gem, almonds and pistachio, lemon dressing


  1. Martini Olives

    £ 4.00

  2. Marcona Almonds

    £ 3.75

  3. Padron Peppers

    £ 5.50

  4. Cured Chorizo

    £ 5.00

  5. Octopus Vinaigrette

    £ 5.50

  6. Mixed Olives

    £ 3.50

  7. Pan con Tomate

    £ 3.50

  8. Iberico Bellota Ham

    £ 15.95

    Hand carved Acorn fed Iberico ham

  9. Ham, Chorizo & Cheeseboard

    £ 15.95

    Iberico bellota, cured chorizo, and manchego with bread.

  10. Bread

    £ 2.50

    (aioli/olive oil)


  1. Double Chocolate and Pistachio cake

    £ 5.00

  2. Dulce de leche Cheesecake

    £ 5.00

  3. Lemon Panna Cotta with Amaretto Strawberries

    £ 5.00

  4. Ice cream or Sorbet

    £ 4.50

We rely not on the menu but on tracks of smell, taste and the feeling that comes into play when you let your instincts guide you.

Just a matter of attitude.

Lobos Meat & Tapas is a real carnivore’s paradise, focusing on the prime cuts of Iberico pig: Secreto Iberico (‘hidden’ cut between the shoulder and the loin), Presa Iberico (the top shoulder) and Solomillo Iberico (fillet), cooked simply and allowing the quality of the offering to shine through.
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